Sunday, March 29, 2009


I can't make fudge!! Yes, it's true! You usually have to eat it with a spoon when I make fudge! LOL So I don't make fudge, but, yea there is always a but! My sister-in-law assures me this is an easy recipe and it will get hard. I haven't tried it myself, but my sister-in-law makes this for us every Christmas. It is delicious!!


1 Can of pet Milk
5 C. Sugar
2 sticks of Butter

Boil 8 minutes. Remove from heat. Add the following:

13oz. jar of Marshmallow Cream
12 oz. Butterscotch Chips
1 small jar of Peanut Butter

Stir together and whip. Pour into a buttered pan. Place in fridge until cool. Cut into squares.


  1. A JAR of peanut butter? Oh boy. Well, no one ever said fudge was a diet food. :)

    You realize, of course, if I succumb to this recipe I won't be able to see my feet anymore. Wait, come to think of it, it's too late. All right, I'll try it.

  2. Hubby is going to love you - I didn't have a good peanut butter fudge recipe and peanut butter is his favorite!

    Thank you for another scrumptious addition to simply delicious Sunday.

  3. Wow! does this sound rich and yummy and bad for a slim waistline! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Love all your recipes. I have an honest scrap award for you on my blog if you'd like to accept it.

  5. How did I live without this blog? I've looked through the most recent recipes and everything looks delicious. I'll be checking back frequently! :)


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