Saturday, June 4, 2011


This seemed to be a week of getting stopped by trains. Everywhere I went there was a train. What's a girl to do. I of course took pictures.

The helicopter was at the hospital. It airlifts people to Indianapolis or Ft. Wayne hospitals.

First train, moving really slow.

The last of my bleeding hearts. With raindrops.

The Ethanol plant in the distance.

Second train. It had lots of these round cars. It carries some kind of liquid.

Schools look so lonesome when there aren't any children there.

Third train. This one has lots of graffiti on it.


  1. wow - you did see a lot of trains - I love your shot of bleeding hearts - they are soo beautiful

  2. My bleeding hearts have just about gone by now also. But, my Japanese Iris are just budding so all is not lost.

  3. Pretty capture of the bleeding hearts, and that last shot of the graffiti train is awesome.

  4. Great photos this week. Love the bleeding hearts and the last train photo.


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