Saturday, June 25, 2011


The hubby and I cleaned off the deck. It was really a mess. Moved some stuff and swept the floor.

This is Bubba, he's a miniature dachshund. No he's not climbing the tree but he wishes he could. There's a squirrel up there.

I was trying to take pictures of the lightning bugs, but it didn't work. All I got was dark and shadows.

My hubby doing the weekly mowing. We have almost 2 acres of ground to mow so a riding mower is a must.

I found some thread and a doily was inside the spool. Didn't remember the pattern so I just ripped it out. Made some pretty little coils.

Our deck really is weathered looking. My hubby put some weather proof stuff on it.

We have a park and there is a little pond there. It's a nice place to take a break.


  1. Great photos this week. The deck looks great! That park looks so nice. Thanks for linking up. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Doesn't it feel great to get the deck cleaned off and organized! :D

    Love the park. We have lots and lots of grass to cut, too. :)

  3. That deck looks great now, and the pond photo is really pretty.

  4. Great pond- that is always nice to have a place where you can relax

  5. I love the pond and the deck looks great. Have a great week!


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