Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ashley over at Ramblings and Photos is the host for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Want to join in? Head over and check out all the pictures everyone is sharing.

One Color - kind of.

Laundry - Luke likes to play with the laundry baskets.

Empty - the coffee table for once doesn't have lots of toys on it.

One Dozen - well maybe a little more, but there are lots of chickens in my kitchen.

Soft - Bella's hair is soft, but fuzzy.

Next week's list of pictures to get.
1. Stacked Up (Honey Mommy's suggestion)
2. Winter Wonderland (Honey Mommy's suggestion)
3. Sweet (Honey Mommy and Sacha's suggestion)
4. Hole (Sacha's suggestion)
5. Frozen (Sacha's suggestion)


  1. All kids love to play with laundry baskets it seems! Love your chicken collection. I have roosters in mine, although no where near as many as you have! Nice photos!

  2. Great set - really like your laundry shot.

  3. My kids always loved to ride in our laundry baskets when they were little.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Yep... kids and laundry go hand in hand. They love the baskets, they love making messes. Too bad they don't learn to love doing laundry as they get older!! =) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Good series. My favorite was your Laundry-totally adorable.


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