Monday, January 2, 2012


I am joining Lisa over at Lisa's Chaos for Macro Monday.

I've been practicing getting up close and personal with what I'm shooting. It's really hard to get that perfect picture. As you can see here.....
Opppp.....I was trying to shoot the little white balls on the weeds, but as you can see it's just a little to close. Moving on....
This one came out better. It's what's left of the green vine that grows along the rock wall of my garden with a few weeds thrown in for good measure.
Head over to Lisa's place to see all the Macro's everyone is sharing.


  1. It feels like I am in there..nice close up!

  2. We all get fuzzy, then we get better!
    I like how the seed head in the second photo comes over in an arc, and then a vine comes from that point over and across and back up the middle.
    Very interesting!

  3. Good try at the white weeds.
    It takes awhile to do macro - sometimes the shutter speed makes things fuzzy.
    I like your photo's though.
    Happy New Year!


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