Friday, September 18, 2015


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Bread Alone - Judith Ryan Hendricks


I stand up, unsteady.  Walk downstairs.  Carefully.  Holding the railing.  Into the kitchen.  The bread machine.  How can such a small machine make such a big noise?  The beeps are synchronized to the throbbing in my temples.  I hit the button.  The beeping stops and the lid swings open, releasing a cloud of scent.  I wheel around and vomit into the sink.  I turn on the water, rinse our my mouth, stand panting, gripping the cold edge of the slate countertop.  Then I remember.  David.
I lift out the still warm loaf, set it on the maple butcher block, a perfect brown cube of bread.

This is the second paragraph of page 1.  I think this book was going to get read, but the last line did the trick for me.  Why is she making bread when she's passed out in her bed?  Sorry that was the first paragraph.


I pick it up.  It looks fragile, but it's surprisingly heavy.  The heft of it in my hand merges with the sight of my belongings strewn around the porch like trash, and ignites a sudden fury in my brain.  I give a roundhouse windup and heave the lamp straight into the front window.

 Where do you keep your passwords for all of your different sites? 

I have a folder made for all my online sites with names and passwords on my computer.  The only bad thing about that is if my computer crashes, which it has numerous times, I can't get to my passwords.  So I guess I need to go the old fashioned way and put them on paper somewhere. 

This is also for my Full House Reading Challenge.


  1. Wow, those excerpts are definitely grabbing me...can't wait to learn more.

    Here's mine: “HOUSE OF GLASS”

  2. My passwords are on index cards in a file box.

    Thanks for sharing what you do.

    Happy Hopping!!

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  3. I've had that book on my list for a while, your post makes me want to read it now.

  4. This seems like an interesting book. :)

  5. I read the more recent book in this series and really enjoyed it. I'd like to go back and read that one! I would definitely not feel like bread baking if I was feeling like she is!

  6. I love my bread machine. They do make a lot of noise. :)

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your weekend.

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  7. Great teases, not heard of that book. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  8. I love the descriptive nature. I can almost smell the bread. Too bad they're too hungover to enjoy it. LOL
    Happy weekend!


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