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NYPD Red - James Patterson

Product Description(
NYPD Red is a special task force charged with protecting the interests of Manhattan's wealthiest and most powerful citizens. When a world-famous movie producer is poisoned on the first day of a Manhattan film festival called Hollywood on the Hudson, they are the first ones called. Then an actor is killed on the set of a film. And a Molotov cocktail explodes at a movie premiere.
Detective First Grade Zach Jordan and his new partner--and ex-girlfriend--Detective Kylie MacDonald are assigned to the case. The killer has every murder, every escape, planned down to the last detail--and he's scripted an explosive finale that will bring New York and Hollywood to its knees. 
Series: NYPD Red (Book 1) 
Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages 
Publisher: Vision; Reprint edition (January 14, 2014) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1455521531 
ISBN-13: 978-1455521531

MY THOUGHTS:   I started reading this book yesterday, thinking I would finish it in a couple day.  But I started reading and just couldn't put it down.  This is also a series of books.  This is the first of 4 books.  So now I've got another series to add to my list.  This is and awesome book.  I thought I was watching a t.v. cop shot, which by the way, this would make a great t.v. show.  Hollywood has come to New York.  New York is trying to get the film industry to make more shows in NY.  So they have a big festival to attract the producers, stars, and all the other people who work on t.v. and films.  And then a murder takes place.  A movie producer is murder, an actor on a movie set is shot and killed, and Molotov Cocktail explodes at a movie premiere.  Zach and his partner Kylie are called in to figure this all out.  This book very fast paced and action packed.  I give this book 5......

This book is also for 2 of my reading challenges...
Color Coded Challenge(Red)
52 Books in 52 Weeks(Wk. 10)

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