Sunday, March 20, 2016


Ashley over at Ramblings & Photos is the host for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Head over to Ashley's place to check out all the photos everyone is sharing.
Here is my interpretations of the words this week.

The stairs in our house and don't look at the cobwebs hanging.

How You Feel Today
A little wind blown, we were under a Wind Advisory a couple days this week.

We have flowers blooming all winter, yea they are artificial, but they are pretty.

The grass hasn't really died out this winter, but it is getting greener and growing.

Wouldn't you like to have hair like this, nothing messes it up. lol


  1. We had some wicked wind too! Hope you're less windblown!

  2. I like your staircase and sorry to hear it is very windy with you. Love all your takes on the words and hope you will visit me tomorrow when I will publish my photographs. Have a wonderufl week ahead.

  3. In my new area I have discovered that the wind can really create havoc! In the city where I lived before one scarcely notices it!
    Would love it if you would post one of these pics to SEASONS - link is open Mon - Wed. till 7pm on my blog post "Seasons-Spring has Sprung" I'll put up midnight). Hope to see you there!


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