Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Playing Catch Up....

 I'm behind on posting my To-Do I'm doing it today.  Yesterday just slipped away and I didn't even realize it was Tuesday...that's bad!  My list from:

 October 20th through October 27

1. Finish the Crazy Quilt blocks.👎

2. Finish the embroidery for the Fall Sampler.

3. Clean my desk from top to's really messy at the moment.👎

1 item from my list got wasn't a good week.  Although I did get the Umbrella quilt tied and started the binding.  I decided on black for the binding, not other reason except I already had black binding ready to go.

As for the Crazy quilt blocks..I'm all caught up with the colors...just have to finish embellishing 15 blocks..I've got 4 done and working on 1.  I'm working on the April blocks right now.  4 of 5 is done.  I won't post all 5 just yet, but this one is my favorite of the 5.

This block has a memory in it.  See the blue plaid, that's one of my old flannel shirts I cut up.  And the brown tags on the left, they came from the shirt.

I did finish the block I was working on for my Fall a matter of fact I done another one..this is the Hello Fall block.

And this is the Scarecrow and Pumpkins.

My list for:

November 3rd through November 9th

1. Finish the binding and label on the Umbrella quilt

2. Finish the April RSC blocks/start the May blocks

3. Sandwich the Jar Quilt.

As it's Wednesday, instead of Tuesday, I'll be hoping you have an awesome...


  1. Getting all the catch up things done is a wonderful accomplishment.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  2. Hi Sherrie! Oh well, it's no biggie posting a day late. If I wasn't responsible for opening the linky party I would be late myself now and then. HAHA! I think black binding is perfect for the umbrellas. It looks like they all have that color in them, or a dark shade anyway. Thanks for linky up! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Love the idea that you have put fabric with memories attached into your block. Special! Of course, I love to see your umbrellas and the black binding will look wonderful.


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