Monday, December 7, 2020


 I've almost got the Jar Quilt done.  One more piece of binding and the label and it's done.

Have you got your next quilt for 2021 picked out?  I will be working on Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam.  NOTE: If you can't make out the design,just click on the picture for a close up.) I made these for my grand kids a couple years ago.  They are embroidered blocks. Well, that will be minus Bob...he decided to take a nap on the  Quilt top.  This is Bella's quilt.

Overall Sam is for my grandson, Luke.

Something besides quilts....I am doing the I'm Following A Tree over at The Squirrel Basket.  Just pop over and check out all the info on this.  Here is the tree I've been following.  It's a really big Maple tree in our back yard.  The tree is so tall I can't get a whole picture of it with my camera.  So I pick pieces of it out to show.  This is the top of the tree.  As you can see all the leaves are gone.

And this is the middle of the tree.  It has hole in it, that is where the squirrels rest while eating.  Sorry, no squirrels today.  

These are the limbs at the top of tree.  The tree has severl branching limbs on it.  When we have an ice storm, I'm afraid the tree will split.  I've lived here 40 plus years.  The tree is still standing and doing well.  No major loss of limbs. 

This is the tree in the you can see I still didn't get the whole tree.  

That's it for today.  Well, one more thing.  Does anyone know how to fix the spacing on blogger????  I have searched and can't find anything about it.  Any tips would be appreciated. 

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  1. I hope the tree doesn't split but goes on being big and majestic.

  2. It's a beautiful tree! I'm sure the squirrels love having that wee place to sit.

  3. Thanks so much for sticking with your maple - it's lovely to see it through the seasons.
    Hopefully you will find the space from your other challenges to be an occasional tree follower next year, too.
    Have a Merry Little Christmas and stay safe until the coast is clear and Covid vaccines arrive for all of us :)


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