Friday, March 26, 2021


 yes they are sandwiched and tied.  

 Now for the decision of what fabric to bind them in.  I originally wanted to use this one....the green on the bottom right.  But I think that would be way tooooo much green, as the borders on the quilt are different greens. 

So I pulled a few more choices of fabric...this is what I came up with.

The to back one is NOT red, the camera thinks it is.  Its a brown print.  Of all these, I'm leaning toward the yellow,, which is the one that looks orange.  I'm looking for a little help here, let me know what one you like.  

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  1. Nice job on the frog quilt!!! Very unusual, in a fun way!

  2. Its such a cute quilt. So to help a little - I would not bind in white - that will be the first place to show wear and tear and dirt.. I do kind like that yellow - It'd be great to see it next to the borders...

  3. I audition binding by tucking the candidates beneath the edge of the quilt with a "binding amount" sticking out from the edge. It really helps give a better idea of how each fabric would look.

  4. Such cute frogs and pieced borders, too! I actually would keep the green theme going with a green binding.

  5. I like the idea of a green border - cute froggies

  6. Oh, but there's no such thing as 'too much green'!
    I like the idea of a green binding, too, but I'm with Joyful - auditioning is always fun!

  7. Great frogs! I think I would go for green binding too!

  8. A green binding with little scraps of yellow and other colors that are on the quilt? Cute frogs ;)

  9. Those frogs are adorable! I think a nice solid would work with all the patterns on the front, so I would vote for the orange.


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