Sunday, March 28, 2021


 stitching.  It's cold and windy right now, and it's suppose to rain later this evening.  So I'll be stitching today on my Table Runner.

I'll work on the Table Runner this afternoon.  And this evening I'll be finishing up the binding on the Frogs.  I'm so glad I went with the yellow, it really makes the quilt pop.

I'm at a stand still on my In the Kitchen project.  I've got 1 block done....and I'm at a total loss as to what I want to do with this quilt.  Hopefully something will come to me later.  Any suggestions???

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  1. Such pretty projects. I love your frog quilt. I have been working on a strawberry kitchen related applique project too. I have no idea what I am going to do with them but it is fun to work on . Inspiration will come to you soon. Happy quilting.

  2. Your frog quilt looks good with the bright yellow binding. Depending of how many blocks you will make, a table runner for the kitchen would be fun!
    Thank you for linking up ;)

  3. 'Tis always a great day when one is stitching. Yes, the yellow binding on your sweet frogs' quilt is a perfect choice.

  4. The yellow is a good choice. I'm better with indecision than helping with decisions, so no help on the kitchen project from me.

  5. I like the yellow on the frog quilt. Your embroidery is very pretty. I should load a few needles like you do. I always just use one needle and am constantly changing floss. Sorry, no help with the kitchen quilt.....placemats maybe or a table runner?

  6. Did that yellow binding make the frog quilt hop? haha, beautiful quilts and great progress! Stay safe and sew on !

  7. Very pretty stitching on the table runner. Hope you made good progress on both the runner and binding. That's a lot of stitching for one day.


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