Thursday, March 11, 2021


 Over at Lee Anne's place, Not Afraid of Color, I Like Thursday is up and running.  Lee Anne is having computer problems...haven't we all had that problem...hope she gets her computer up and running soon.

As for my computer,  what do I do with my computer?  Play games, store quilt stuff and lots of other  of other things I collect. 

 I play lots of games, but when I'm on a break from house chores, I play Spider Solitaire.

This is where I store all my files..It is in a file on my computer listed as Sherrie's Stuff.  I also watch t.v. on my computer.  I have several on line streaming places I watch.

 And how do I keep my computer updated and running... I have a live in computer son.  He keeps all the computers in our house up and running of which there are about 10 or so of them running.  6 of them are his work computers. 

As for Quilting this week...I have the third side of binding on the Overall Sam Quilt.  This is for Put Your Foot Down.

I can finally get a few Filmsy's together, my batting arrived yesterday. 


 Do you have left over pieces of batting?  I have several bags of it.  Some are bigger and some are small.  I cut the small pieces up and use it for stuffing.  And I save the larger pieces and sew them together and make a piece large enough for a quilt.

I also got some new fabrics to play with.  That dark green one in the upper right corner is the backing for my Frog quilt.  

I am always down loading free quilt patterns.  I print them, cut them out and put them in file folders.  I got a box to store them in.  I dressed up the box a little and now my files have a place of their own.

Sorry about this post being so long, I was in a chatty mood today.  Hope you all 


  1. We have in-house computer help from our son, too. I'm going to be in big trouble when he moves out. Looks like you've been busy organizing your patterns and such!

  2. Hi Sherrie! I'm glad you have someone to keep your computer up-to-date and on the working path. That is priceless! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Spider Solitaire is so addictive! We are the remote support for my mother's computer. :-)

  4. I like Spider Solitaire, too - haven't played it in awhile. It's so helpful to have a tech person in your house! And getting fun quilty mail is the best!

  5. I love Spider Solitaire too! I love your box to store your quilt patterns. I'm hoping to get a new computer. The one I'm using is sort of old and have had to replace the hard drive a few times.

  6. How nice to have "on the spot" computer help. Leftover batting is also great to make "practice" free motion quilting pieces.


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