Sunday, August 8, 2021


 It's Slow Stitching Sunday, hosted by Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts.  Have you got any slow stitching to catch up on?  I've always got something to stitch on.  I did catch up on my National Day Calendar 3 more blocks done.  June, July and August are done.  I'll be stitching something today...who knows...maybe a squirrel will crop into my quilting place!!😀

June,  National Pink Day

July. National Zip Code Day

August, National Bowling Day

I also got my August RSC 2021 block done.  Aqua Basket.

And I finally started working on my Orange You Glad quilt.

Finally, I'm still working on getting my 2020 RSC quilt together....I've got 2 rows together, 3 more to go.  

Have an awesome stitching.....


  1. So many fun projects going. I laughed to myself when I saw the orange foot.

  2. Lots of progress on all fronts! Great job.

  3. You most certainly do always have something there to stitch. More fun pretties on the go. The little pink dress with the ribbon and flower cinched at the waist is pretty. The orange foot will certainly give a kick to a quilt.=) I cannot wait to see your RSC quilt all together.

  4. You've been busy with lots of pretty blocks.

  5. You always have the cutest most creative blocks going on. You are such an inspiration. Have a wonderful week, dear and happy quilting

  6. Fun orange sock! I love your June block, cute little dress.
    Thank you for linking up today 😊

  7. I had slow stitching to do but didn't do it! I love your aqua basket and that funny orange sock. :)

  8. Love the little flower detail in your pink dress. You are stitching on lots of fun stuff. Happy stitching this week.


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