Tuesday, August 31, 2021


It's Tuesday, so it's time for To-Do Tuesday, hosted by Chris over at Chris Knits.  Last weeks list...

 1.  Sandwich Salt and Sand....and Orange You Glad quilts👎

2.  Sew another RSC 2020 row on.👎

3.  Make a few more Strip Blocks👎

4.  Start a new embroidery project.👎

Well, this week wasn't very good for my list.   I got side tracked by a Squirrel. 

 I've been making Candy Hearts.  I've got 3 rows sewed together.  But I think I'll be adding another heart to the ends of the rows, which will give me  a wider quilt.

I didn't start a new embroidery project, but I was in the mood to embroider.  So pulled my Daisy embroidery out and worked on it for awhile.

I also pulled out my Band Sampler and did some work on it.  

So my list for next week is totally different.  I've given up on sandwiching the Salt and Sand ...and the Orange quilts.  I'll get them done eventually.  But I've been in so much pain this past week from my Arthritis.  I can't hardly stand up.  We've been having hot humid and rainy days this past week, witch make my Arthritis act up.  So I've been working on things that requires sitting down.

August 31 though September 6th

1.  Do what I am able to do.  Weather permitting!

Hope you all.....



  1. Hope the pain eases up soon. That is no fun at all!

  2. I really love those candy hearts. They look so cute against that background. Hopefully the weather will improve so that your pain eases.
    Thank you for linking up to To-Do Tuesday and don't forget next week it is at my website - https://www.texasquiltgal.com/

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  4. Hi Sherrie! Your candy hearts are so realistic looking. I am so sorry to hear that your arthritis has been bothering you. Does the humidity bother it? We have had such humid weather lately. I hope you get some relief soon. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne


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