Tuesday, October 5, 2021


well, it Tuesday, so that means it's To-Do Tuesday....which is going on over at Gail's place, Texas Quilt  Gal....head over and check out what everyone is working on this week....what is To-Do Tuesday...it's where you make a list of what you want to accomplish for the week.  My list is really long...so I picked one to work on.   This is the list I'm working from....removed a couple and replaced them. 

1.  Alexis's Quilt

2. Candy Hearts....it's a filmsy.

3. Salt and Sand....sandwich, tie, and binding

4. Orange Quilt....sandwich, tie, and binding

5. Band Sampler..progressing

6. Daisy Embroidery..progressing

7. Grape Embroidery..threads and tracing done

8. Wheat Embroidery..threads and tracing done

9. Strawberry Embroidery..threads and tracing done

10. RSC 2021..progressing

11. National Day Calendar..progressing

12. Sandwich Candy Hearts.

My project for the week was to get the Salt and Sand binding done.  Almost made it, I started  the last side last night.  I will finish this one tonight.  

 Then I'll start the binding for the Orange Quilt.  The binding is cut and ironed, so it's ready to go.

 I am also going to sandwich the Candy Hearts and cut the binding.

So my list for this week is.....

1.  Work on Alexis's Quilt.

2.  Sandwich Candy Hearts and cut binding.

3.  Put a few more stitches into my Band Sampler.

Have a great.....


  1. Hi Sherrie! You are doing great at cracking the whip and getting that list completed. I'm so impressed! You'll definitely have a finish for next week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Sherrie, your list is amazing, and you are really cranking it out! You probably already mentioned it, but what is the size of Candy Hearts? It's so cute!
    Thank you for linking to To Do Tuesday!


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