Friday, January 21, 2022


 I dug out my Fall Sampler from my project box.  I need to get back to this one.  I need to do some more embroidery blocks.

I also laid out the Polar Bears, I need a few more to complete it.

I've got a pretty good stack of String need to start sewing them together.

And I need to add some more Granny Squares to my Pretty Blues Afghan

My son stopped at the second hand store the other day.  He got me a bunch of new books.  I've started the Women's Murder Club by James Patterson, which by the way, is my favorite author to read.  I've finished the first book, 1st to Die, and am about half way through the second one, 2nd Chance.  I've got 3 though 5, but there are several more in the series.  I'll probably go to the library to read the rest.

I've been watching 24 on Hulu....this is a really suspenseful show.  I usually work on a quilt or Afghan while watching t.v. in the evening.

That's it for today...head over and check out all the folks at these links....And have an awesome.....

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  1. Great projects! I can't decide which I like best--okay maybe the polar bears are my favorite! These are going to be great!

  2. Wow you have a lot going on. The Polar Bears are adorable. Thank you for trying to link up to Put your foot down. Trying to get it fixed.

  3. I have a stash of cut out bears that were gifted to me by my Auntie. I like the idea of alternating them with string blocks. Thanks for the idea.

  4. I enjoyed several of the Women's Murder Club too. The library is a great resource. Love the string blocks!


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