Tuesday, January 4, 2022


 My Tuesday To-Do List from last week is a complete flop...nothing was done.

1.  Work on my Polar Bears.👎

2.  Make a few more flag blocks.👎

3.  Add a few more String blocks to my pile.👎

I haven't been in the quilting mood...but I have been crocheting a lot.  I started 2 new afghans with the yarn I got for Christmas.  

This is what they call Ombre Yarn...it has several shades of blues.  And I have a light blue green that I'm mixing with it.

 The other afghan I've started is what I'm calling Neon Stripes, which also happens to be the name of the yarn.

I wasn't too sure the orange yarn would work, but I like it...it shows off the Neon Stripe yarn.  All the yarn is by Red Heart....one of favorite yarns to use.

And the National Day Calendar quilt is still waiting to be sandwiched.

Every Tuesday Sharon, over at Pintangle gives you an embroidery stitch to learn.  I'm going to try to keep up and make a quilt.  This is this weeks stitch, Chain Stitch.

My To-Do list for next week...

1.  Work on Neon Stripes Afghans

2.  Sandwich National Day quilt.

3.  Do a couple more Polar Bear blocks

Have a great sewing day...



  1. That is a pretty bluesy Ombre afghan, and I love the Neon Stripes! Your embroidery stitch quilt is going to be really cute - can't wait to see it and the finish of your National Day Calendar quilt.
    Thank you for joining with To Do Tuesday! Have a great 2022. :)

  2. Some weeks are better than others. The important thing is that you're enjoying whatever you're working on.

  3. Hi Sherrie, Enjoyed your post this morning. Lots of lovely crocheting and I like that orange border too...totally suits neon colours. Good luck with your to do list. Happy stitching, whatever it is.


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