Friday, April 26, 2013


 I was over at Lynn's place and found this great meme, so I'm playing along.  The meme Random 5 Friday is hosted by Nancy  over at A Rural Journal.  Hop over and check it out.  These are my 5 random thoughts for today.

1.  My mom taught me how to make Chicken and Dumplings a long time ago.

2.  Our son, Tommy, picked it up from me and added a little extra to the recipe.  His Chicken and Dumplings are YUMMY!!  He made some for supper the other night.

3.  And of course the twins were right there watching and getting in the dough and flour.  Maybe they will be the next generation to make Chicken and Dumplings.

Luke holding up a piece of dough.

4.  Now he's trying to eat it.  He didn't like it very well. lol

5.  And Bella got flour all over her.


  1. Bella is too cute. i sure hope you pass on the ability to make chicken & dumplings (recipe) - i'm hungry now. sounds delicious.

    have a great weekend. glad you linked up at F5F. ( :

  2. Taste everything is a kids motto! Also a girl needs to learn how to apply powder sometime and flour is cheap! Love the shots.

  3. Now that is definitely a family made recipie! :)

  4. That's great that the recipe is being handed down through the family!

  5. This is like running into you at the Mall, cool isn't it. Chicken and dumplings I have never eaten the two together, yet I love both..!

  6. Very fun rendition of R5F Sherrie -- kids will be kids and some love to taunt their parents I had one like that but he grew out of it.

    Love the photos and commentary. So happy you joined in with us. Have a wonderful weekend. xo

  7. Nice to see a family tradition passed on.

  8. Sounds like a yummy meal! My girls always loved getting into the flour. Those twins have such big beautiful smiles! Hope you have a nice sunshiney day today....we're hoping for some rain...I see you have gotten more than your share lately.


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