Friday, April 19, 2013


It started raining yesterday afternoon about 1:30pm.  It rained until 5:00am this morning.  We got about 5 to 6 inches of rain all together.  When I got up this is what greeted me.  I'm living in a castle surrounded by a moat!  There is water on 3 sides of our house.  I haven't seen it this bad in the 30+ years we have lived here.  Remember the shot I took yesterday of the BBQ area??  It is now under water.  You can just see the top of the table.  If you click on the pictures you can see them much better.
Plus the front yard is under water too.  Looking to the west.
Looking out of the garage.
Looking to the east.  Hubby had to move the truck to the back yard drive way.  It's not under water, yet!
The east side of the yard is water too along with the neighbors.
Thank goodness our house is a little higher than the low spots.


  1. Oh my . . . I hope the water soaks in fast and no more falls for awhile.

  2. I also hope it all turns out well, but don't forget, People spend big money for water views around their homes! Keep Safe.

  3. Wow, you are going to need a canoe to go picnic-ing! Hope the water goes down soon!


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