Saturday, December 19, 2015


I was over at Bev's place, My Reader's Block, looking around.  She has lots of reading challenges she's doing in the up coming year.  So went and checked them out.  I've decided to do 3 of them.

What's In A Name Reading Challenge

The challenge runs from January to December. During this time you choose a book to read from each of the following categories (examples of books you could choose are in brackets – I’ve included some from other languages, and translations most definitely count!):
  • A country (try not to use ‘Africa’!) Suggestions: Daphne Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn, Xiaolu Guo’s I Am China, Martin Wagner’s Deutschland)
  • An item of clothing (Su Dharmapala’s Saree, Ann Brashare’s The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, Javier Moro’s El Sari Rojo; Pierre Lemaitre’s Vestido De Novia)
  • An item of furniture (Marghanita Laski’s The Victorian Chaise-Longue; C S Lewis’s The Silver Chair; Goslash;hril Gabrielsen’s The Looking-Glass Sisters)
  • A profession (Adriana Trigiani’s The Shoemaker’s Wife; Mikhail Elizarov’s The Librarian)
  • A month of the year (Elizabeth Von Arnim’s The Enchanted April; Rhoda Baxter’s Doctor January)
  • A title with the word ‘tree’ in it (Ai Mi’s Under The Hawthorn Tree; Elle Newmark’s The Sandalwood Tree)
Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge

The challenge runs from January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016
For this challenge, I have chosen six keywords associated with each month in 2016.  Your task is to read one book each month whose title includes one or more of the keywords for that month.
January - Crowd, Girl, The, Bad, Soul, Soft
FeburaryVeil, Kiss, Her, B reak, Love, Stars
March - Game, Fire, Darkness, School, Like, Charge
April - Far, Life, Stay, One, War, Thorns
May - Cure, Trial, Family, Key, Thief, Bend
June - Moon, In, Only, Whisper, Sleep, Trap
July - Rose, Sun, Clock, Day, Angel, Unto
August - Prince, Boy, Glass, Heart, Lost, Now
September - Wind, Color, Touch, At, How, Sweet
October - Rock, Ghost, Fall, Away, Sky, Storm
November - Dream, Holiday, And, Of, Dawn, Beautiful
December - End, Promise, Everlasting, Ice, Snow, My

Reading Challenge Addict Challenge

 So we are challenging each of you who can also say that you also are a Reading Challenge Addict.

How addicted are you?

Easy as Pie: 1-5 Challenges On the Roof: 6-10 Challenges
In Flight: 11-15 Challenges
Out of This World: 16+ Challenges 

I will be putting all the books I read for these challenges in my Reading Challenge tab at the top of my blog.  All the books I read for these challenges will be linked to my reviews also.

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  1. Welcome to the What's In A Name challenge, Sherrie! Hope you enjoy your books!


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