Monday, December 14, 2015


Last week Bella's Christmas program was presented to parents.  I went in thinking what could a bunch of kindergarten kids do.  But they were really awesome!  They came in waving little (for lack of a better word) flags.   Bella is the one in pink.
 They all went to the risers and got in order.  They then started singing.
They were wonderful.  There singing was really good and they had the movements of the song.  All in all I was amazed.
The little girl smiling with her face looking toward the camera is Bella.  She saw me out in the audience taking pictures.  So she hammed it up as usual.  

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  1. How fun to have her first school performance!

  2. Bella knows how to shine both on and off the stage I expect - what a little darling :) Looks a fun performance.
    Wren x


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