Tuesday, December 29, 2015


I was over at The Book Date and saw this challenge.  Thought I would check it out.
2016 Bookish Resolutions Challenge hosted by Laura at trips down imagination road and Michelle at Because Reading.
You can find out more info by clicking on the links above.  Check-ins are at the end of the month.  This is a year long challenge.  Book, Blog and Personal goals.

1. Read 100 books this year
2. Finish a least 8 reading challenges (that's half of my total)
3. Read 5 next books in a series
****************************************************************************** BLOG GOALS
1. Keep track of all challenges(either on Spreadsheet, Goodreads, or Paper)
2. Keep book spreadsheet updated
3. Visit 5 blogs a week
1. Finish at least 5 quilts on my list  (list is on my sidebar)
2. Learn at least 10 new embroidery stitches. 
3. Take a photo everyday
either on Spreadsheet, Goodreads or Paper)
(either on Spreadsheet, Goodreads or Paper)
I will be adding this to my 2016 Reading Challenge tab so I can keep track of all my goals.

(either on Spreadsheet, Goodreads or Paper)

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  1. Good luck with all your new reading goals and challenges for 2016.


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