Thursday, December 31, 2015


About 2 weeks ago we found a dog roaming around our place.  So we fed him.  The saying is , if you feed an animal it's yours, well that's true.  So now we have a new dog.  Since we don't know his name, he has 3 names Brownie, Bear, Bob.  He will answer to either name.  My son took him to the vet to see if he has a chip, but no chip.  The vet is part of our Animal Shelter.  He put the dog up on the internet at a place where everyone can look for their lost pets.  He said if no one claimed in 3 days he was ours.  No one did, so now he's ours.  Everyone met Bob.......
We aren't sure what breed he is, but we think he's part Mastiff.  He's not very old so he has some more growing to do.  He chews on everything!  And he loves to pull and tug.  Bob and Toby are getting along.  But Bob wants to play with Toby, but he's so big he may hurt him, so we try not to let Bob get to frisky.
So there is our new family addition.  Aren't they cutie's!

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  1. What a great Christmas Present God gave you, Don't sweat it elderly dogs generally get respect from young dogs. Happy New Year.


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