Monday, August 14, 2017


The Runaway Midwife - Patricia Harman

Product Description(
Midwife Clara Perry is accustomed to comforting her pregnant patients…calming fathers-to-be as they anxiously await the birth of their children…ensuring the babies she delivers come safely into the world.
But when Clara’s life takes a nosedive, she realizes she hasn’t been tending to her own needs and does something drastic: she runs away and starts over again in a place where no one knows her or the mess she’s left behind in West Virginia. Heading to Sea Gull Island—a tiny, remote Canadian island—Clara is ready for anything. Well, almost. She left her passport back home, and the only way she can enter Canada is by hitching a ride on a snowmobile and illegally crossing the border.
Deciding to reinvent herself, Clara takes a new identity—Sara Livingston, a writer seeking solitude. But there’s no avoiding the outside world. The residents are friendly, and draw “Sara” into their lives and confidences. She volunteers at the local medical clinic, using her midwifery skills, and forms a tentative relationship with a local police officer.
But what will happen if she lets down her guard and reveals the real reason why she left her old life? One lesson soon becomes clear: no matter how far you run, you can never really hide from your past. 
Hardcover: 416 pages 
Publisher: William Morrow (January 31, 2017) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0062659618 
ISBN-13: 978-0062659613

MY THOUGHTS:  When Clara's best friend commits suicide,  it seems her life has hit the bottom.  Then a patient dies, and charges are brought against Clara, Manslaughter,  her husband is cheating on her, and her daughter is off in Australia and doesn't write or call.  To Clara the logical thing to do is run away from it all.  She drains the bank account and finds a way to get to Canada.  She doesn't have a passport, so has to go in under the radar.  Where does she land at?  Seagull Island, it's one of the many islands that surrounds Canada.  As Clara tries to make a new life, she makes friends along the way with the island people.  But how long can Clara keep up the charade before someone or something gets her caught.  I give this book 5.....

This book is for 2 of my reading challenges.....
Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge
11th Canadian Reading Challenge

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