Sunday, February 28, 2021


 It's 52 degrees outside and raining.  So this is a perfect day to finish up Bella's Sunbonnet Sue Quilt \

 and finish tying Thomas's Overall Sam Quilt.

  These are birthday quilts for my grand's...they are twins and their birthday is in July....I may get them done in  I have several projects I'm working on...which one to's a toss up....

1. Finish sewing the Frog Quilt together.

2.  Finish sewing the Tile Blocks together.

3.  Start assembling the Red Work Quilt

4.  Work on my quilt for the Sand and Salt Blog Hop.  I need some sand colored fabric...which I don't have at the moment.  I'll have to make run to Hobby Lobby...or get my son's girlfriend to go for me.  So this one will have to wait until that happens.  You can find more info on this blog hop here.

5.  I could make my Green Basket for RSC 2021...I'm making a basket for every color, so I'll have 12 baskets done at the end of the year.  This is January's  And I have to make a decision about what color to make the strips.  The quilt will be 4 rows of 3 blocks with strips between the rows.


I think that's enough to keep me busy this rainy Sunday....hope you all have an awesome sewing...

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  1. You've got lots of fun things to work on today.

  2. Sunbonnet Sue and Fisherman Fred are classics that are always winners. So many other projects to keep you busy too. Love the tile blocks.

  3. all your projects are coming along and looking good

  4. Those are adorable quilts for your twin grands! Enjoy your stitching today!

  5. Great projects you have going. The twins' quilts are beautiful!

  6. Sweet quilts for the twins. Love the tile blocks, you will make a pretty quilt with them.
    Happy slow stitching!

  7. ALL your work is cute AND a little different... especially LoVe the tile blocks. Congrats & EnJoY your stitching...xox

  8. I love those quilts for the twins.... gorgeous embroideries.... you do have a lot of projects on the go... are we sisters????? I am like that too...


  9. That sounds like a perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  10. Your twin grands are going to love their quilts. How sweet these quilts are! I have always loved the many patterns of Sunbonnet Sue and Sam.

  11. Well done on your achievements! The twin grands will love their quilts, I'm sure - you seem very organised, July is such a long tie away!!!


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