Sunday, February 21, 2021


 Hi everyone, 

What am I working on this Sunny, Cold day?   It's 30 degrees outside, but feels like 19...the wind is blowing, making it feel cold.

I laid out the Frog Quilt on my design "floor".  

Got all the rows stacked and ready to sew them together.

I've also been working on the Tile Quilt.  It needs 3 more blocks.

My TAST(Take A Stitch Tuesday) hosted by Sharon, at Pintangle on Tuesday, is to learn a new embroidery stitch.  I've been learning old and new stitches. I thought I would make a quilt from these stitches.  I've got 2 done...Chain Stitch and Fly Stitch.

The next stitch I will be doing is Buttonhole Stitch.  I've looked on the internet for an idea to do this one and found a great picture to do it.  I tried to get the link for this, but it kept sending me somewhere I gave up.  I'll be doing one flower and a couple of stems.

I'm linking up with:

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Hope you all.....


  1. I love the sashings of your Frog blocks, it's going to be a fun and cute quilt. Lovely embroidery too.
    Thank you for linking up today.

  2. Just love the idea of an embroidery block quilt. I have a few of those blocks around that could work in such too. Kudos for you practising and learning new stitches too. Buttonhole works so well for flowers used like that. I must read more about your Tile quilt. Happy Stitching, Sherrie.

  3. So much happy colours in both your little frogs and your tiles. How fabulous to fashion a quilt using blocks of different embroidery stitches. Love your little house and fly stitch flowers. Buttonhole is always a fabulous stitch.

  4. Nice projects going on. I like the idea of take a stitch Tuesday. It's a great way of expanding your skills!

  5. Your works in progress are lovely! Happy stitching!

  6. Those tile blocks are really neat! Love how they are happy scrappy!

  7. Hi Sherrie, those are really fun pieces for your embroidery. I've been following TAST for a couple of years. Now I mostly just go back when I want to learn something new. My son got me her new book for Christmas - it's amazing. Take care.

  8. The frog quilt is really fun. Your planned embroidery is going to be gorgeous! Hope you've gotten a bit of a warm up. Happy stitching this week.

  9. Nice works in progress, love your froggy quilt. I've got a design bed, not much spare floor space here and I lay my blocks over our bed. Not so much bending, I find.

  10. I love your "tile" quilt! We call it "stonewall" here in Maine and it is one of my favorite methods. Yours is gorgeous!


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