Saturday, February 13, 2021

1 IN THE HOOP......

 I finally got Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam sandwiched.  Sunbonnet Sue is in the hoop, ready to be tied.   I ran out of batting. I could have got a couple more filmsys together.  I either have to send a friend to Hobby Lobby or order the batting on line.  As slow as the deliveries have been by mail, I most likely will send a friend to Hobby Lobby.  

I have been working on a couple other things.  I got my yellow basket done for RSC 2021.

And February is American Heart I made a heart block for My National Calendar Quilt.

I am still working on the Tile Quilt.  I've got almost all of them done.  Just need a few more blocks and I can start putting it together.  What are you working on this weekend?  Click on the links to do a little blog hopping.

So Scrappy

UFO Busting 

Hope you all......


  1. Pretty YELLOW Sunflower Basket for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

  2. Pretty sunflower basket, Sherrie.

  3. Running out of batting can put a damper on moving forward. Hopefully someone can pick some up for you. Sue and Sam looks like they are coming together nicely. Love the yellow basket. Such a fun fabic!

  4. Sunbonnet Sue is such a cute design.

  5. I love the Sunbonnet Sue and Sam patterns! Hopefully you will get batting soon and be able to finish.

  6. Hi Sherrie, Sunbonnet Sue is delightful! I hope we will be seeing your HQAL a post today!

  7. So nice to be nearing finishes on quilts. Great job. Love your sunflower/yellow basket for RSC and the heart is perfect for Women's Heart Healthy month!


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