Thursday, February 18, 2021


 Monday we had about 2 inches of snow on the ground.  Tuesday...we got around 12 inches...and we got another 1 inch this morning.....I'm ready for spring!!!

And I can't forget Bob....he's our dog..he loves being outside...even in the snow.  His look reminds me of like a little kid that doesn't want to come inside to get warm.😊

 I got a bunch of new fabric in the mail this week....Bleached Muslin, Unbleached Muslin, some pretty Green for the backing of my Frog Quilt....some gray and a pretty pink lacy fabric.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, our water pipes froze up this week....we had temps below zero for 2 never know how much you miss water until you don't have it.  All we had was a trickle of cold water, the hot was not running at all.  This is how we thaw the pipes out....a big fan sitting in front of the sink sucking in hot air.

I've started a new if I need another new project🙂  I'm using all the embroidery stitches I've learned over the years.  These  2 are the first ones I've done.  It's Chain and Fly stitches.  Want to learn these stitches...head over to Sharon's place, Pintangle...she has a stitch dictionary and you can find any stitch you want to learn.

I'm kind of stumped as what to do with Buttonhole stitch...haven't found anything to make from it.  Anyone have any ideas???  Well, that's it for now..hope you all.....

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  1. I was watching a video of dogs playing in the snow this morning. They all seem to just love it! So fun to get new fabric in the mail - that's the best definition of happy mail!

  2. Pretty fabric. Ugh - frozen pipes are no fun!

  3. Fun new fabrics and stitchery, too! Looks like we need a new water heater, related to the extreme cold temps, and the age of the current one.

  4. I think we got the same type of snow. Had about 4 inches then about 4 days later we got slammed with about 9 inches then 2 inches a day. My little dog it definitely not a fan. Cute stitchery. Great idea to make a quilt out of them.


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