Thursday, December 23, 2021

2022 PLANNING.....

 I have 3 quilt tops that are done, but have never put them together.  I made these years ago, they were some of the first quilts I made.  I would really like to get them done next year.  I seem to get things done when I join  up with other folks.  So I have decided to join the 2022 Joining Party, being hosted by Quilting Jet Girl.  

The 3 quilts I'll be working on in 2022 are...

1. Indiana Leaf Quilt, needs sandwiched, tied and binding.

2. Under the Sea, needs sandwiched, tied and binding.  This is the first quilt I ever made!  It may be a little wonky and seams don't match...but I'm very proud of it!

3. Dresden Plate...the first one I ever made...needs sandwiched, tied, and binding.

I've cut and am ready to finish up the last of the blocks for my Christmas Sampler.  Then it will be putting it all together.

Here are a couple I've been working on.

Christmas Ornaments

Teddy Bear

That's it for this year....I'll be back January 1, 2022....have a safe and happy holiday!!! 

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  1. Won't it be fun to finish those early quilts. The first one you make is very special. Someone once told me that you should keep your first one. I did! My MIL wanted to purchase it, but I told her it was my first and very special to me. ( I was going through chemotherapy and cancer treatments at the same time) She understood.

  2. Those are such pretty quilt tops! Great goal to start the year by finishing them up!

  3. Pretty quilt tops - they'll be great quilts!

  4. Sounds like you have a great plan to finish up some projects for 2022. You should absolutely be proud of your first quilts and it's exciting to think you'll be finishing them up next year. I hope you have a lot of fun as you work on them.

  5. Sherrie those are beautiful quilts on your plan! I look forward to watching your progress.
    Merry Christmas!

  6. You have a head start on your 2022 quilts!!! They are looking good! Quilting joy in 2022!!!


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