Sunday, December 5, 2021


 I've got 1 quilt top that is ready to sandwich, one quilt is almost done, the final piece of binding is pinned, then to make the label.  I'll be finishing the Candy Hearts quilt tonight, while watching t.v.

 If time doesn't get away from me, I'll sandwich the 2020 RSC Basket quilt and cut the binding.  This quilt is also made with scarps.  The baskets and the border.  The only new fabric is the muslin.  This is also my December OMG project. 

I have another quilt that is almost ready to sandwich, it's Alexis's quilt, just need to figure out what to use for the outside border.  


  I don't have enough of any one fabric to I either need to order some on line, use some of this or that fabri,  or make a trip to Hobby Lobby.  I don't really like ordering fabric on line, I've had a few bad experiences with this.  One was a muslin that is so thin you can see though it, it reminds me of Cheese Cloth.  The other is a muslin that is so thick you can't hardly sew through it.  So I guess I'll be making a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow.    

I've also added a new row to my Band you can see my line isn't straight.  I need to work on that...but isn't that what this is all about...learning new stitches and keeping everything straight.  His Band Sampler is my SAL project. 

Well, that's it for today...have a wonderful stitching....

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  1. Enjoy finishing the candy hearts today... feels so great to have a finish!

  2. It is a great feeling when you are almost finishing a quilt There are beautiful stitches on your sampler. Have a great week.

  3. Your Candy Hearts quilt is adorable! I love how it's turning out, Sherrie!

  4. Beautiful projects, love the Candy Hearts! Happy stitching!

  5. Candy Hearts is sweet. Love all those hearts sitting on the check fabric. Alexi's quilt is filled with whimsy. It sounds as if you are on a roll. How fabulous to have a few quilts nearing the finishing line.

  6. Three quilt tops done, you have been working hard. Wonder which one you will quit first? I'm guessing it will be Alexis quilt.

  7. Wow, you have a lot of pretty projects to work on. Candy hearts is really sweet. Your band sampler is looking good. Enjoy your stitching.

  8. Alexis' quilt is wonderful! There is a lot of fun in each block!


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