Saturday, September 10, 2011


It has been cold and rainy here all week. Not hard rain, it was the light misty rain. It would rain for awhile and stop. Then start again. Didn't get outside much because of the rain. But did pop outside a few times between showers.

A frosty pitcher of kool-aid.

Even though it was misty raining I popped outside to get his picture. You can see the signs of Autumn all around.

I went to my hubby's work shed for some pictures this week. I don't know why, every time I go in there I want to clean and organize.

After a cloudy, misty rain all day, the sun finally peeked out around sunset.

Bella and Luke playing. Bella just loves the camera. She has a big smile whenever she sees you holding the camera.

Another shot from my hubby's work shed. A pan full of nuts and bolts. I so ant to organize these. But just mentioning that word to him sends him into fits.

The Honeysuckle is blooming all over the yard. We have an old t.v. tower that the Honeysuckle has covered. It looks like a giant Christmas Tree.

Well, that's my week.


  1. Great photos. Love that sun shot and the shot of the boys and the honeysuckle. It has taken over our back fence.

  2. Love the last shot of the flowers- I bet they smell wonderful!

  3. The honeysuckle is so amazing. I can just imagine how beautiful it smells.

  4. You see a mess but your hubby probably thinks his shed is nice and organized.


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