Friday, September 30, 2011


Beth over at Visions of Sugar Plums is the host for Fibers on Friday.

After the Doily from He@* I just kind of finished, this new one is a breeze. I started this one on Sunday. I worked on it while watching my t.v. programs on line at I'm a huge fan of CSI. And they show them for free on-line. I am still working out of the book from Leisure Arts "A Year of Doilies Book 5.

I am doing the May Doily which is called Sunburst. I've changed the color, mine is a very light yellow, actually called Maize. I've also changed the needle size to 7 because I couldn't find my size 6 needle. The doily is suppose to be 18" (35.5 cm) diameter in size. So it will be a little bigger since I'm using a larger needle. It is a pineapple design and I love working on pineapple doilies. This is the picture of the one I'm working on.

And this is how much I've gotten done so far.

Have a crochet or knit related object to show off? Head over to Beths's place and check out all the things people are sharing.

This is also for my A Year of Projects.

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  1. Wowzers! That is gorgeous!! I've probably told you before, I'm in awe of your doily making skills!


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