Saturday, October 1, 2011

PROJECT 365 Week 39

The weather this weeks has been yucky! Cold, windy and rainy. So we didn't get to go out all week. So we had lots of inside time. This is how my week went.

Bella and Luke ganging up on me. They give me this look. I'm suppose to pick them up when I get these looks.

This little guy was crawling down the wall in the bathroom. Grabbed the camera and then yelled for my son to come get it. He put it in a plastic cup and took it outside.

Katie and Bubba hiding from the camera. "Help us"!

Bella making her face. Squashing up her nose at me. She's trying to talk me into letting her play in the trash can.

Bella and Luke playing in the front room. Toys scattered all over the place.

I even got some crocheting done. Started a new doily. It's called Sunburst which we need some of that.

And the sun finally made it back. Don't know how long it will stay, but it's beautiful anyway.


  1. Cute babies! Glad the sun is back!

  2. Such cut shots of your grandbabies. Sooo adorable. Thanks so much for linking up. Have a great weekend.

  3. Great shots. Love the doily!

  4. The doily is beautiful and I love the shot of the sun!


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