Saturday, October 1, 2011


I was hoping around the internet the other day and found this great place. Beth over at Our Typical Life is a scrapbooker. I do lots of scrapbooking these days of the twins. So I thought I would join her for Saturday Scraps. What do you need to do to join in? Here's some info:

Saturday Scraps is my attempt to get back into scrapbooking our life. My plan is to post 1 or 2 layouts every Saturday. If you want to link up yours, feel free to.

As I said I have twin grandbabies, Bella and Luke. I have been working on their first year scarpbook. These are a couple pages I done for their May page.

As spring came rolling in so did the grass. Bella's first experience with grass wasn't a happy one.

Luke got a new ride toy from Grandpa. But he is still a little to young for this now. So it's put away for now. But Luke really liked it.


  1. Oh wow. I wish I had time to sit down and scrapbook. I feel I have the creativity to do it, just not the time. That's where the blog comes in. Granted, it's not as cool and personalized, but I admire anyone who takes the time out to document all the little things. It's a fantastic idea.

  2. I love the shape of the photos in the first one! Great job! (I used to paper scrap, but have found digital scrapping is easier for me to use - and less mess for the kids to get into!)

    Thanks for linking up!


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