Saturday, October 22, 2011

PROJECT 365 Week 42

It was rainy and cold all week. I got a couple shots in between showers.

The neighbors dog, Jake came over but didn't find me interesting enough to stick around.

The tree that fell is now being cut up and stacked by my hubby into our pile of wood for the winter.

Looking up at the sky through the arbor in the garden.

Mother Nature putting on her show of color. This was the last pretty day we had. The rest of the week it rained.

Luke looking a little surprised when I took his picture.

Luke found the pots and pans.

This is a file box I covered and decorated. I keep all my letters for my scrapbooking in here. This is also my entry for The Round Robin Photo Challenge.


Anonymous said...

What great shots! Love the fall tree. Luke is so cute!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Ooh, what a cool decorated box! It reminds me of the envelopes I used to get from an artist friend. She was always covering them with art and clippings and stuff. Thanks for showing us this!

Gattina said...

Your box looks great ! and I hope you have enough wood for the winter lol ! you also have a nice neighbor looking for gold in your yard !

Adeena said...

Yay for wood for the winter! :D Nothing like heat from wood.

Mary said...

That is a lot of wood! Oh to have a fireplace!