Thursday, October 27, 2011


What have I been taking pictures of this week? Well you probably already know that, my grandbabies of course, Bella and Luke. They are both walking now and into everything. They are always 2 steps ahead of me.

Bella likes to pull the bread off the table. She gets her a piece after she dumps it all out and takes off. I caught her this time before she could dump it.
I love the look on her face in this picture.

Bella and Luke also like to get in the dresser. They actually know how to open the bottom drawer. They pull all the blankets out like they are searching for the right one.

I love this picture of Bella with her toast. She looks so innocent.

And of course I couldn't forget the other critters that live with us. The dogs, Katie and Bubba. I got Bubba sleeping.


  1. Bella does look so innocent in that picture. But a toddler is never that innocent. Lol. What neat shots to capture your day. :)

  2. Sweet photos of your grandbabies! They are so adorable!


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