Monday, October 3, 2011


Carissa over at Lowercase Letters is the host for Miscellany Monday.

Fall is coming on fast here in Indiana. The trees are starting to turn and the grass has stopped growing. We don't bag our leaves, my hubby mow's them.

It's also time to clean off the deck and put stuff away for the coming winter, which I hate seeing. I don't like winter, makes my body ache.

I'm waiting for the leaves to really turn so I can get some pictures. The neighbors across the road from us have a big maple tree. It is beautiful in the fall. This is from last year.

I don't really like fall that much. I do like the cooler temps and the pretty leaves. But it's the fact that I know what's coming that I don't really like. Winter! Last year was really cold and snowy. Hoping we have a mild winter this year, but I don't see that. Usually when he have a hot dry summer we have a cold snowy winter. This picture from last January shows the cold and snow perfectly.

Well I guess I'm done rambling. Head over to Carrisa's place and check out what everyone is rambling about today.


  1. that maple tree is super pretty! i HATE the cold weather and i hate winter :(

  2. i want a maple tree like that! you're going to have a pretty view soon. enjoy it for me. : )


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