Saturday, October 29, 2011


It's been chilly around here this week. I think the cold has set in. We also had our first frost the other day. Got all the tomatoes picked off the vines. Now all that needs done is cleaning the deck and getting everything put away for the winter. The next nice day we have that will happen. It's been raining the last couple of days. This is my week in pictures.

Blocks, they seems to multiply over night. You think you have them all picked up and then you find more.

The twins like to walk around the kitchen table. If something is too close to the edge it's fair game. Bella got a pork chop and proceeded to sit down and eat it.

Bella got a piece of bread stuck under her foot. She was trying to pick it out.

Luke helping grandpa with the potatoes, only he's eating the potatoes.

The shower head in our bathroom. It makes a great shadow.

I finally got my green stripe ripple afghan done.

A miniature orange slinky. A friend sent a Halloween bag to the kids. Sorted out the things to small for little hands and mouths.


  1. Wonderful shots. So funny about the porkchop. That afghan is so beautiful.

  2. Love the afghan! The pattern and colors are so pretty.


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