Saturday, December 17, 2011


Can you believe it! Two more weeks left of this year. Where did it all go! It seems the older I get the faster time slips by. It was kind of boring around here last week. The twins were playing lots and I was doing some cleaning. Still have lots of cleaning to do. Just have to get motivated to do it. Here is my week.

We had a "sticky" snow, it stuck to everything, even the trees. It's really pretty.

Bella sitting in my chair. She climbed up there and was waiting for me to read her the ABC book to her. It's one of her favorite books.

I think I've mentioned that Luke likes to get into things. Here he is sitting in the kitchen cabinet drawer. While he was there he decided to get the pans out and play with those. It's one of his favorite things to do, play with the pans. At least we know where he is when he's playing with the pans. They are kind of noisy.

A close up of my shadow box. It has lots of "stuff" there that I put up so the twins wouldn't get it. I like this picture because of the reflection of the clock in the mirror.

This is my hubby, Thomas. He's feeding ice cream to Luke. And taking a few bites of the ice cream his self.

I cleaned all the dust bunnies and did some vacuuming in our bedroom. It was on my to do list. So thought I'd take a picture of the clean room. Everything in this picture came from a rummage sale except for the lamps. And they were on sale, half price.
Bed - 5.00 plus stain.
Side Tables - 2.00 each
Cedar Chest - 10.00 plus varnish.
Lamps - 20.00 each
Picture - 2.00
Candle Sconces - 1.00 each
Quilt - Christmas gift from my sister.

Luke and Bella playing with the car. Grandpa bought this for them back in the spring but they were a little too young to play with it. Now they push each other around on it in the front room.


  1. Oh how nice to see all that snow. Making me really wish we had some here.

  2. Oh, just enough snow to make it lovely, but not so much to make life hard. I am looking forward to our next storm.

  3. Love your room. That snow looks so pretty.

  4. I love the snow! That is the perfect kind.


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