Saturday, December 31, 2011


Bella and Luke sharing their applesauce with Bubber. He loved it!

The 2 inches of rain we got is slowing drying up. Love those shadows.

My working space for scrapbooking. I like to burn a candle, it smells good.

See that little jar of sand, it came from Florida. A friend gave it to me and yes I know there is dust and cobwebs. Those little critters make them faster than I can knock them down.

Snow, it's pretty when it's snowing. I got a surprise when I uploaded this picture. I captured the snowflakes, wow what a surprise. I wasn't trying to get them, just my son walking to the shed.

I took a picture of my flower bed. Put a 3D frame around it. I like the little pop of color at the bottom.

My new blanket I'm working on. It's hexagons, love the vivid colors.

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  1. That blanket is beautiful. I wish I had more patience to get that far. I have a bad habit of wanting my projects to be done in a week or less- otherwise I don't start them. I will have to just admire yours.

  2. Looking forward to next year with you Sherrie!!!

  3. Congrats on finishing your 365. Really like the blanket, what a treasure that will be.

  4. That blanket is looking lovely! :)

    And love the second one - the shadows are awesome. :D

  5. Looks like a great week. So glad you will be joining us next year. Thanks for sharing the information.


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