Sunday, December 4, 2011


Full of Light - the kitchen window all lit up with sunshine after a few days of cloudy, gloomy weather.

Motion - Bella running to me from her brother.

Nostalgic - when I found these ABC block at a local store I just couldn't resist buying them for the twins. They bring back so many fond memories of my own childhood.

Portrait - We had our first snow of the winter. It's pretty, but I hate the cold and ice that comes with it. If only it could snow and be 80 degrees. lol

Time - I was trying to capture my hubby's reflection in the mirror but kept getting the flash of the camera. But this one caught the clock on the wall reflected back at me. This is my SOOC shot.


  1. Nicely done - great work. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  2. such great shots.. And your right 80 degrees and snow would be heavenly!!

  3. These are great! Those blocks make me nostalgic too!

  4. Love that nostalgic photo with those abc blocks!


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