Thursday, November 5, 2015


Have you ever wanted to keep a picture diary of your life for a year.  A 365 photo challenge is what I went looking for.  I found lots of information out on the web.  Pinterest  even has a listing of lots of photo challenges.  I also found one that has lots of information and links to help you start your own 365 Photo Challenge.  It's over at Digital Photography School.  They have lots of tips and info on how to do this.  Also ways to keep you interested in taking photos.
My life isn't really that interesting.  I'm just a wife, mother and grandmother.  I've been a wife to Thomas for 47 years, a mother to Tommy for 46 years and a grandmother to Bella and Luke for 5 years.  My whole life revolves around this.  And I admit it gets kind of boring around here sometimes.  I don't travel to exotic places, heck I don't even travel period.  As far as I go is to the BIG city of Marion which is a whole 4 miles from where I live.  And that isn't very often, maybe once a month, if that often.
But I've always been interested in taking pictures.  Love capturing animals, birds, the sky, trees, flowers and of course my family, well lots of pictures of my family.  But as they say the point of taking lots of pictures is to have them for all time.
A few years ago I took pictures of my Living Room.  I have every wall covered with pictures of family and friends.  People come to visit and they look at these pictures and want to know who all these people are.  And a conversation starts.  These are my memories hanging on these walls.
Living Room - North Wall
Living Room - East Wall
Living Room - South Wall
Living Room - West Wall
As these pictures were taken when the twins were small, there have been a few more new pictures added.  But the point is, I want to do this as a 365, a picture a day for a year, and see what comes of it.  So starting January 1, 2026 you will be seeing a new picture everyday.  And hopefully at the end of the year I'll have some new pictures to hang on my walls.

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  1. What a great plan for celebrating your life in a way that others can enjoy it too. Well Done Sherrie!


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