Sunday, September 20, 2020


 I've been working on Heather's quilt, she is my niece.  She likes I'm making her a cat quilt.  And of course where there are cats...there are mice.  So the quilt is a mix of cats and mice.  I got a couple done, but still have to put there features on.

It's also time to report on my HQAL(Hand Quilting A Long)....Well, August wasn't too productive...we were having a heat wave almost the whole month...temps in the 80's and 90's with high humidity.  My HQAL is my Bee Quilt.  I worked on one of the bee blocks...

Did some quilting around the be flight lines and some on the left bee.  I'm not sure what I'm going to quilt in all those empty spaces of white...does anyone have any suggestions...any info will be very appreciated.  This is the first quilt I've attempted to hand quilt.  Mostly I'm winging it, but not sure about all that white space.

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Since the weather has cooled off so far this month, hoping to get some more done on this quilt.

I've been a little per-occupied with Heather's quilt and starting my Christmas Sampler.  I've also got the patterns cut out for a Fall Sampler.  Way toooooo many projects bouncing around in my head.  But I'll work on all of them some time or another this month. 

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  1. Great projects. Not sure what I would stitch in those spaces, sorry.

  2. Your cat and mouse quilt does sound fun. As for what to quilt between the bees and the flight lines, I wonder if diagonal lines in a neutral thread would look good. I am sure you will come up with something fabulous.

  3. How about some quilted bees and butterflies or diagonal lines like Kim suggested. I always think they complement a piece.

  4. This is soooo cute!! I love the flying bees. I really have no suggestions as I have never hand quilted before and am just wingin' it on mine. It will be fun to see what you decide to do.

  5. When I saw your mouse, guess what popped into my head, "cats and mice come out to play". I'm sure your niece will love her quilt!

  6. Cute bees! The mouse is ok on a quilt but I don’t want one or more in my house!!!!

  7. That mouse is adorable. Should be perfect in a quilt with cats. Your niece will love it. The only hand quiting I do is on pieces under the size if a placemat so I have no ideas to help you with your bees. sorry.

  8. Love the bees round the hive, I think I might do a big meander to fill in the space, a bit like a long bee flight path!

  9. You've got two fun projects in the works. Hopefully you made good progress on both this last week.


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