Tuesday, September 8, 2020


 I've lost a couple of days...I thought today was Sunday...that's not good...anyway it is Tuesday and it's time for To-Do Tuesday list...I've missed a couple weeks...so I'll post my last list from August 18 to the 24th.  

1. Work on binding Zoe's Quilt

2. Work on Valentine Quilt

3. Make a few more Umbrella blocks.

1. Zoe's Quilt is done...she was visiting last week, so when she went home this past weekend she took her quilt with her.

2.  I've got 2 sides of the Valentine Quilt done...

3. I got a couple more Umbrella blocks done...there is a change for this one...the raindrop fabric I got for the borders is now having umbrella's on it.  I thought it looked really good...I'll throw a few of them into the mix....which gives me an excuse to buy more fabric...lol.

 My list for:

September 8th through September 14

1. Finish the Valentine Quilt

2. Start embellishing the RSC 2020 blocks

3. Lay out the Umbrellas on my design "floor".

Over at Pintangle the TAST stitch this week is Crossed and Plaited Feather Stitch...mine is kind of wonky, but I like it.

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Hope you all have a great...

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  1. Hi Sherrie! How did Zoe like her quilt?? It's nice that you were able to finish it. I hope that means the weather cooled off enough for you to be able to work on it again. I love your Valentine quilt - the elephant looks so cute with the hearts. Thanks for linking up this week. ~smile~ Roseanne


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