Tuesday, July 13, 2021


 clams.  I am so tired of doing clams.  But, I'm almost done.  I've got 5 more to go.😀

At the moment I'm working on the orange one at the bottom right.  I've got a green, brown, blue, yellow and a gray to finish.  

To-Do Tuesday...July 6 through July 13

1. Do more embroidery on the Clams.

2. Work on the Band Sampler.👎

3.  Start putting the RSC 2020 blocks together.👎

As for the rest of my list from last week....Nada, zero, zip, nothing...well you get the idea.  I've been focusing on the clams all week. 

We have Strawberries, we get 1 or 2 at a time, so they don't get taken inside.  We eat them!  And they are really sweet and juicy.

To-Do Tuesday....July 13th  through July 19th

 1. Finish the Clams!

2. Put the border on Salt and Sand.

3. Work on the Band Sampler.

4.  Start putting RSC 2020 blocks together.

Hope you....


  1. You've really made great progress on the clams! Can't wait to see Salt and Sand border.
    I had strawberry plants a couple years ago when we lived on our 5 acres and I ate them 2 or 3 at a time just like you - if I beat the birds to them! I did the same with the blueberry bushes we had. I miss them!

  2. You're almost done with the clams! It looks great!

  3. Almost done, the clam quilt is going to be finished before you notice it ;) Good luck with your goals for the week.


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