Tuesday, July 20, 2021


 To-Do Tuesday last weeks list.


 1. Finish the Clams!✔

2. Put the border on Salt and Sand.😐

3.  Work on the Band Sampler,

4.  Start putting RSC 2020 blocks together.👎

1.  I got the Clams done.  You can see my post HERE.

2. I decided not to put a border on the Salt and Sand...I'll let the binding be the edging. 😅

3.  I did work on my Band Sampler this week.  I'm using this as a Journal....with some new stitches that I've gotten from Sharon over at Pintangle...she has a Stitch Dictionary and when I get stuck on what to do next I head over there.

 4.  I didn't get anything done with the RSC blocks...they are still sitting in my To-Do Box...waiting.  I haven't decided how I want this quilt to go together.  By month....by color, or just stagger them.  I have 5 of each color..so that makes 60 blocks.  Got any ideas!!

This weeks list.

1. Make a decision on how to put the RSC blocks together!

2.   Do some more embroidery on the Band Sampler.

3.  Make a few more Strip Blocks.

Have an awesome...


  1. I think your RSC blocks will be fun no matter how you put them together! They have so much pretty color and all those embellishments, too.

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  3. Congrats on the progress on your goals.


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