Saturday, November 19, 2011


It has been really cold this week. Temps sinking down in the 20's of a night and just barely making it out of the 30's during the day. We even had a few snowflakes. And thunderstorms blew in one day. There was some tornado touch downs in our state. Weird weather for November. I don't go out much when the cold sits in. My knees hurt so just stay inside and play with the twins, read or crochet. This is my week.

This is my "office", kind of. I crochet, read and watch t.v. on my computer.

Daddy tickling Luke. Baby laughter is one of life's little pleasures.

The storms blew in and made lots of noise. But no damage here. It was about 5:00 pm when I took this picture but it looks like it's dark out.

On all four walls in our front room are my memories or remembrances of days gone by. This is the east wall.

My hubby bought a big box of stuff at the auction. He found a little bag of stuff and brought it to me. It was full of sewing and crafting stuff.

Worked a little bit on my Bee Quilt. My hubby bought me this chair from the auction. It fits nicely under the quilt frame. Now I don't have to drag a chair across the room to quilt.

The twins are budding artists. They are attempting to make turkeys with their hand prints but it didn't quite work out. But beautiful all the same.
Bella's is on left and Luke's is on the right. They kind of look like turkeys.


  1. Love the turkeys. So cute. I love your photos this week. Your bee quilt looks great.

  2. I would have instantly said they were turkeys. Great shots this week.

  3. Cute turkeys! :D

    And yes - baby laughter is the best. :)


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