Monday, November 28, 2011


I'm joining Lisa over at Lisa's Chaos for Macro Monday. Hop over and check out all the pictures everyone is sharing.

Macro Monday is easy to play, snap a macro (or any close-up) photo, post it on your blog and come back here and sign MckLinky.

These jars sit in the bathroom awaiting anyone who has a boo boo.

Some knick knacks sitting on my shadow box in the living room.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, what a cute babies on your header!

  2. I really like your shadow box. Cute header shots. The one with the pots and pans reminded me of when my son was that age. I had to tie the doors shut to keep him out of the cabinets. I thought he would be a drummer, but he isn't. He was just a very noisy baby. ;)

  3. Nice Shots. It's always good to be prepared for those little, "Boo Boos" that come along.
    Your knickknack shelf is fun and oh my your header is just so adorable.

  4. I like your little knick-knack photo. I especially like the little people sitting on the shelf.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my Macro Monday, the raindrop on the pear.


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