Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Sharon over at Pintangle is the host for Take A Stitch Tuesday.  She shows you how to embroider stitches.  She has some awesome needlework to see, hop over and check it out.
I am following along with the embroidery stitches Sharon is teaching.  This week it's the Detached Chain Stitch.  Here is her description of the stitch......

"Detached Chain stitch or lazy daisy is the challenge stitch this week. This is a fun stitch that is quick and easy to do. The trick is to not pull the stitch too tight as a tight tension will pull the curve into a tighter line.  You will have thin petals to your daisies. Keep the tension a little loose but not so loose they are floppy and you will have generous flower petals."

This is my example of the stitch and it is all about tension.
As you can see some of the stitches are to tight because I pulled the thread.

I've also finished my second Crazy Quilt Block.
Here are some close ups of the stitching I done.
Don't forget to go over to Sharon's place to check out all the "stuff" she has to share. 

I'm also linking up with Heather over at Books and Quilts for Needlework Tuesday.  Heather is working on a gorgeous knit Afghan.  Go check it out.

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  1. The TAST program is wonderful, now I need to find the time to get to it. I do enjoy the peace of embroidery. Yours is looking so nice Sherrie, and the crazy quilt is the perfect place to stitch.


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